Textbook bundles hurt college affordability for students, study finds - Ryan Dunn, Daily Orange

Bundling hard copy textbooks with online access codes can restrict a student’s ability to save money on the used book market, according to a study recently published by a higher education advocacy group. A “bundle” is a textbook sold with supplementary materials, such as an access code that unlocks online homework assignments, quizzes and tests. The study, conducted by Student Public Interest Research Groups, examined course materials for 10 similar introductory courses at 40 randomly selected four-year and two-year institutions. It found that of the bundles sampled, 45 percent could not be purchased anywhere beside the campus bookstore, locking students into paying the listed price. http://dailyorange.com/2018/02/textbook-bundles-hurt-college-affordability-students-study-finds/


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