OER Best Practices to Scale Up - Kiri Dali, Community College Consortium for OER

A recent discussion transpired on the CCCOER community email group surrounding best practices for scaling up OER projects. Because this question comes up frequently for CCCOER members, we wanted to summarize that discussion to share via the blog. The original question came from Jan Jarrell, a faculty member at San Diego City College: Our administration would like to see more widespread adoptions of OER texts and low-cost/no-cost options for students. After attending the Open Education Conference last fall, it seemed to me that this can happen if there is institutional support (i.e., a coordinator or librarian dedicated to OER/Open Access, mini-grants for faculty, etc.). What is your experience? What are the most effective ways for community colleges to encourage/support OER? https://www.cccoer.org/2018/02/20/oer-best-practices-to-scale-up/


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