Letter to the Editor: What students should know about OER and why professors should use them - Jasmine Roberts, the Lantern

With many of these popular coping strategies comes negative academic trade-offs. According to the 2016 Florida Student Textbook survey that sampled more than 22,000 college students, almost 50 percent of students took fewer courses to cope with high textbook costs, 38 percent of students earned a poor grade and 20 percent of students failed a course that assigned an expensive textbook. The reason being that they didn’t have access to the textbook or other course materials (for example, ancillary materials like homework assignments) to study for upcoming quizzes, exams and other relevant assignments simply because they couldn’t afford it. In extreme but increasingly common cases, students are switching or dropping out of certain majors or disciplines completely due to the culminating costs of course materials and textbooks across several classes over a period of time. https://www.thelantern.com/2018/08/letter-to-the-editor-what-students-should-know-about-oer-and-why-professors-should-use-them/


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