$352 for a textbook? Rising costs leave some students bookless; KU student leader wants to change that - Kathy Hanks, LJ World

“The cost of textbooks has risen 812 percent between 1983 and 2013 in the U.S.,” Ries said. “Biology, chemistry, physics, especially with online components, are in the $500 range, and then you have labs and four other classes that might have labs and that’s over three grand you are pushing for textbooks.” Often student financial aid or student loans won’t cover the cost of books. Even parents who are paying for their child’s tuition don’t want to pay the high prices of textbooks, Ries said. “Then you are talking out of pocket, and at that point there are so many students who can’t afford it and forgo getting the textbook,” Ries said. “When you are talking about equity in higher education, the best opportunity to succeed goes to those with the financial capital. It becomes a diversity and equity issue as well.” http://www2.ljworld.com/news/ku/2018/dec/24/352-for-a-textbook-rising-costs-leave-some-students-bookless-ku-student-leader-wants-to-change-that/


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