WSGA book surveys help reduce cost of textbooks - WASHBURN REVIEW

Trouble with textbooks: The Washburn Student Government Association on campus has been working toward making textbooks more affordable for students at Washburn. Textbook affordability has long been an issue for many students at colleges across the nation. As many on campus have noted, everyone has received textbook survey emails from the Washburn Student Government Association and the Kansas Board of Regents Students Advisory Committee. These surveys are meant to gather information related to college students' experiences with textbook affordability. This is an issue that affects many on campus at Washburn and other colleges across the country as buying textbooks can be an added expense that costs students hundreds of dollars every year. The survey’s results, which will be presented March 20 to the Kansas Board of Regents, will help the board determine if a state-wide Open Educational Resources Taskforce is necessary to help lessen the costs of textbooks in Kansas.


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