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Otago Polytec receives top honours at international award ceremony - Voxy

An online course developed by Otago Polytechnic for the OERu international network headquartered in Dunedin has won the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Award for Excellence in Distance Education Materials. The "Learning in a Digital Age" course won the Open Educational Resources (OER) category and was announced at the ninth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 11 September 2019. The Pan-Commonwealth Forum is a triennial gathering organised by COL for the 53 member states of the Commonwealth, to increase the capacity of developing nations to meet the demand for access to quality education and training.

Macmillan Learning Launches a Search Engine Designed for Supplemental OER

Macmillan Learning announced the availability of Intellus Search, a new search engine designed to make it simpler for instructors to discover free and relevant supplemental materials. While nearly three quarters of professors require textbooks for their courses, a recent study from the Babson Group found many also require supplemental materials like articles/case studies (47%) and videos (28%). Intellus Search offers hundreds of educator-selected OER (Open Educational Resources) per course. "Discovering open resources is easy, but finding truly useful resources can be a bit more challenging," said Charles Linsmeier, SVP Content Strategy, Macmillan Learning. "With Intellus Search our goal is to make the process of curating the right open supplemental resources faster and easier for each instructor."

Open Textbook Network Faculty Workshop and Paid Review - University of Arkansas

"Faculty are essential allies in the OER movement because they make important decisions about the course materials assigned to their students," said Elaine Thornton, open education and distance learning librarian. "Their choices impact thousands of students every semester. The campus OER Team is here to offer faculty the knowledge and support they need to adopt open resources."

Bundling is Back - Matt Reed, Inside Higher Ed

Even Open Educational Resources are a form of bundling.  As anyone who has worked with OER knows, selection and curation are major components of doing it well.  It’s a big internet; knowing what to select and how to put it together is where faculty come in. While OER can offer significant and welcome cost savings for students, they can also customize course materials to be exactly the way faculty want them.  This is the polar opposite of autodidactism; it’s taking the faculty-as-guide model into the very guts of the books themselves.

Fresno State Partners with OpenStax to Increase Use of Free Textbooks On Campus - Goldrush Cam

Fresno State announced it was one of 10 schools chosen to participate in the 2019-20 OpenStax Institutional Partnership Program to encourage the use of free, peer-reviewed textbooks on campus. Fresno State was chosen to participate in this strategic partnership with OpenStax after a rigorous application process that included demonstrating a willingness to drive adoption of open educational resources. Institutional partners will receive individualized consulting from OpenStax and join a cohort of schools advocating widespread use of these resources at their schools.

Nicholls State University library Purchases textbooks with LOUIS funding - Caroline Pontiff, nicholl's worth

Nicholls State University’s Ellender Memorial Library provides many textbooks for students to use. The library is able to purchase these textbooks with funding from a program titled LOUIS. Many university libraries belong to the LOUIS consortium. LOUIS is able to help universities afford expensive resources. This is possible because a large number of universities are investing in LOUIS, allowing LOUIS to purchase resources at a discounted price. Elizabeth Batte, electronic resources librarian and open-educational resources (OER) coordinator, said that she will email professors to let them know that the library has purchased the textbook for their class. This allows every person in that class to access the textbook online for free.

Open Education Resources Access Awareness day

The Okanagan College Students’ Union, representing students at the Kelowna, Penticton and Salmon Arm campuses will be hosting Open Education Resources Access awareness day on October 23. This one-day 3-campus event will include promoting the Open Textbooks Now campaign from the British Columbia Federation of Students. We will be calling our students, faculty and administration to take action on using open and alternative texts in the classrooms.

Nonprofit provides Fresno State students with free textbooks - Sun Gazette

Nine U.S. colleges and universities, including Fresno State, partnered with Rice University-based nonprofit publisher OpenStax last summer to provide students with free textbooks. OpenStax is a unique publisher of peer-reviewed textbooks given to students for free and made available under an open license that gives instructors flexible use of the material. After its launch in 2012, OpenStax quickly became the largest publisher of open educational resources (OER). With more than 35 titles currently in its library, OpenStax books are used in nearly half of all colleges and universities in the U.S. and over 1,100 institutions internationally. The partnership is expected to save thousands of students at the nine universities a collective $9.1 million on textbooks and other course material costs during the current academic year.

UTEP Initiative seeks low-cost options for textbooks - El Paso Herald

An interdisciplinary cohort of faculty members from The University of Texas at El Paso will work with select UTEP staff from fall 2019 through fall 2020 to develop Open Educational Resources (OER) or other affordable instructional materials that eventually could save students millions of dollars.

The Open Education Consortium Awards Contributors to OER and Online Projects - IBL News

The Open Education Consortium announced yesterday the winners of its Awards for Excellence, that recognize “outstanding contributions, exemplary leaders, open educational resources, and open projects and initiatives.” The Leadership Award went to Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams, “a leading figure in the international open educational resources (OER) research community and currently holds the first-ever UNESCO Chair in Open Education and Social Justice,” the Open Education Consortium described

Changing the Equation: Empowering Adult Learners with Edtech - Luminary Labs, US Dept of Ed

These case studies — featuring diverse stakeholders, actions and approaches, and lessons learned — prove there is not a single prescriptive path to supporting successful adult learning. Administrators, educators, and funders can apply the insights that work best in their unique contexts to advance adult education in their own communities.

Connecticut One of 20 States Leading the Charge on Creating Open Education Resources That Stretch From K-12 to College - the 74

In Connecticut, one state commission is looking to unite the two and share open educational resources at all levels, from local school districts through state universities and colleges. “The idea is that we would have one big repository or index of materials from K-12 and higher ed,” said Doug Casey, executive director of the Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology. “In speaking with some of the folks in secondary education and higher ed, they are excited about that.”

Granite Geek: Cheaper, ‘open’ textbooks are a goal in N.H. community college system - DAVID BROOKS, Concord Monitor

As thousands of students settle in on college campuses in New Hampshire, they will be facing a sometimes unexpected expense: Textbooks. Lots of big, costly, mandatory textbooks. Or maybe not.
“Our goal is not to get to 100% lower-cost or no-cost materials in every class … sometimes it’s not possible. But in those big gateway courses that everybody takes – Intro to Sociology, Computing 101, Psychology 101 – there’s no reason students should be spending $250 on a textbook,” said Jennifer Cournoyer, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at River Valley Community College in Claremont.

Libraries to Host Workshops on Reducing Textbook Costs for Students - University of Arkansas

The campus community is invited to a series of events Tuesday, Sept. 24, in ARKU 512 to learn about ways to reduce the cost of textbooks for students. Speakers from the Open Textbook Network will be visiting the University of Arkansas to provide a full day of workshops focused on open educational resources.   Earlier this year through the Libraries' membership, the U of A became the first 4-year university in the state to join the Open Textbook Network. The Open Textbook Network brings together teaching faculty, academic librarians, instructional designers, campus administrators and others engaged in advocacy for open educational resources on over 600 campuses. Joining the Open Textbook Network provided the opportunity to host two of their national workshop presenters on campus.

Chemistry I Laboratory Manual - SUNY OER

This lab manual accompanies the college chemistry courses and is used to support and assess knowledge acquired in the classroom setting to be applied in the real world. Labs include activities such as measuring the density of a sucrose solution, calculating the percent composition, stoichiometry, determining limiting reactants and more to complement an introductory chemistry course. This lab manual was developed by Jessica Garber Morales at Tidewater Community College.

10 Colleges Expect to Save Students Millions of Dollars on Textbooks - College Post

A collaboration between Rice University’s nonprofit publisher OpenStax and ten post-secondary institutions across the country is expected to turn out as a major money saver for their students in the next academic year. In this year’s cohort, Prairie View A&M University is the first historically black university to participate in the program. “We have a diverse group of students that come from different countries, ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic groups,” said Yolander Youngblood, professor of biology at Prairie View A&M and an advocate for the university’s participation in the OpenStax program.

College of DuPage Partners with OpenStax to Increase Use of Free Textbooks

The high cost of traditional textbooks not only impacts students’ access to college but also their ability to complete coursework. A new partnership aims to reduce those textbook and course material costs for College of DuPage students. OER eliminate cost barriers for students and allow unrestricted, immediate access to learning materials, increasing the likelihood for students to complete their courses successfully, College of DuPage President Dr. Brian Caputo said. "College affordability is extremely important to our students, and this partnership will support the College’s efforts to remove financial hurdles and provide instant access to educational materials," he said.

College students find cost of textbooks a barrier as MCC looks for answers -CARL HOOVER , Waco Tribune-Herald

New car buyers know the feeling of sticker shock, when their interest in a car hits the reality of its price. For college students, it is the sticker on their textbooks causing the shock, with book expenditures following tuition and fees as a major financial hurdle. The fall semester at McLennan Community College starts Monday, and a visit to the college bookstore days earlier found some students discovering their first class assignment involved figuring out how to pay for their books.

10K ACC students use e-textbooks after college partners with nonprofit to expand program - KXAN

Some Austin Community College students won’t have to worry about textbook fees this semester after the college expanded a partnership with a nonprofit that offers access to free e-textbooks. OpenStax is a nonprofit ed-tech initiative based at Houston’s Rice University. Stuents can have access to Open Educational Resources (OER) like text and other digital assets that are freely accessible and available online. At present, more than 50 programs at ACC use OER’s including English, Social Studies and History. These resources are used in Z-degrees where the classes use free materials to save students money.

Wake Tech added OER to one class and saved students $360K - EdScoop

“Many Wake Tech students take at least one online course, and it’s continuing to grow more and more all the time,” Shahid-El says. “That’s something that we’re thinking will really start to shape more and more how students experience not just their campus but the college community.” An introductory business course, which used OER developed by the class’ lead instructor and college’s instructional support team, saved students money on traditional textbook costs, she says. During the 2015-2016 grant cycle, Wake Tech received a $2.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to address the “achievement, success and withdrawal gaps for students of color and in online courses.”